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by Nick Drew  |  Thu 08 Apr 2021

From Russia with Love

In the early days of this platform, back when it was simply known as the Digger Blog, it was pretty much a self-feeding affair, with many readers sending in material which I used to produce my posts. But nowadays with the rise of social media, everyone wants to produce their own stuff, or become a social media “influencer”, however, we do still receive material occasionally which still gives me a buzz and that I’m delighted to share with you all.

From Russia with Love

I recently received a batch of photos from Max Greznev (33) who hails from a small village some 350-400km outside of Vladivostock in South Eastern Russia, who was keen to show me his machines and tell me a bit about what he does.

On leaving school with a Russian silver medal achievement, he went on to higher education with a focus on building and graduated with the desired qualifications. Max said, "It is very difficult to earn money honestly by engineering and building work here in Russia, that's why I decided to take a different course and work with my own machines. I called my company name Manchuria, the reason being that many years ago, Vladivostok was not Russian territory, it was territory of old China and its name was Manchuria". 

Maxim owns his own 7.5-tonne Komatsu PC75 midi excavator which is a 1993 model. Judging by the colour and the Japanese text on the boom, it appears to be a grey import model and features the knuckle boom arrangement. The machine is seen here looking icy following a bitterly cold snowstorm!

Maxim also shared some photos of a little accident that occured with that machine, details of what actually happened are somewhat sketchy, but an over the side with a full bucket tip looks likely, also note the scaffold tube which appears to have entered the cab through the front window!

And a close up of the incident! 

One of Maxim’s favourite machines is the Komatsu PC35 MR, a 3.5-tonne mini excavator which features a long boom and dipper combination which he describes as being a pretty rare machine. The machine is seen here excavating a trench in between a new building and the site fencing.

The same machine is seen here parked up during a bitterly cold Russian morning, when sub zero temperatures are the norm during the winter months.

One of Maxim’s other favourites is the British built JCB 3CX Sitemaster which he often uses on a variety of job sites around the city. Max is clearly a fan of the brand saying, "My JCB 3CX was originally manufactured in England, I have found that all the machines built there have super build quality. Most of the JCB machines I have bought have come from other parts of Europe to Moscow, then onto me in Vladivostock, they are old machines, but I really like them so much!". 

Before the Covid-19 pandemic struck Max had ambitions to immigrate to Australia, explaining his reasoning he commented, "I would like to go to Australia because they have earthmoving work there every single day. In Russia with the hard winter weather the machines only tend to be working around 5 to 6 months of the year, its my dream to move there, and when the Covid is under control I hope to look into it further". 

We thank Maxim for sharing these photos with us here on the Digger Man Blog.

Don't forget, if you have any interesting photos that you would like to share with us on the blog, I would be delighted to turn them into a feature on this platform, just get in touch! 

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