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by Nick Drew  |  Mon 01 Mar 2021

German firm AWR Abbruch GmbH receives Liebherr’s largest ever demolition excavator

German demolition company AWR Abbruch GmbH received the key to the R 980 Demolition during an official handover at Liebherr’s Colmar facility. This excavator with its impressive dimensions was developed and produced by Liebherr-France SAS.

German firm AWR Abbruch GmbH receives Liebherr’s largest ever demolition excavator

Pictured Above: The official handover of the key to the machine took place in the presence of the General Management of Liebherr-France SAS and Mrs Brigitte Klinkert (Minister of Labour, Employment, Vocational Training and Social Dialogue).  

The German customer is already familiar with Liebherr demolition machines and in particular owns an R 974 Demolition machine acquired in 2007. This is still in operation today. Since this first project, AWR Abbruch GmbH has also acquired other Liebherr machines including two demolition machines, wheeled excavators and wheel loaders.  

The crawler excavator R 980 Demolition VHHD

The order was developed and executed in cooperation with the client. The machine has an operating weight of 190 tonnes, a counterweight of 35 tonnes and required months of study, testing and modifications in order to achieve a result that perfectly met the customer's expectations.

The R 980 Demolition excavator has four demolition units of 21, 26, 36 and 55 metres respectively. The 21 and 26-metre equipment will be able to support tools weighing 15 tonnes, 7 tonnes for the 36-metre version and finally 3 tonnes for the 55-metre version. 

Apprentices at the Colmar site finish globe

In addition to the impressive machine, a steel globe made by the apprentices of the Liebherr-France SAS welding training centre was also exhibited. This achievement represents the international significance and local knowledge of this production site. The globe will then be displayed on the factory tour route in front of three historical models of the production site.

Liebherr-France SAS welcomes more than 70 apprentices on its production site in Colmar this year. Apprenticeship is an integral part of the company's recruitment policy: it is the best way to learn a trade while integrating into the professional environment as early as possible.

About AWR Abbruch GmbH

AWR Abbruch GmbH became a customer of Liebherr-France SAS with the acquisition of an R 974 demolition in 2007. The VIQA brothers chose Liebherr because of its know-how, the adaptability of its products and, above all, Liebherr's more than thirty years of experience with demolition excavators. Both in terms of people and technology, the company always works and acts with an eye to the future.

The VIQA family founded AWR Abbruch GmbH 55 years ago. Today, the three brothers are at the head of a company that is one of the leading demolition companies in Germany. The company specialises in the remediation of pollutant buildings / substrates, recycling and disposal of waste, building dismantling, earthworks and foundation work as well as blasting.


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