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by Nick Drew  |  Tue 08 Jun 2021

In Celebration of the JCB 3CX

So, following our recent visit up to JCB to test drive some of the latest products, our good friends over at Diggers & Dozers have produced another great video featuring the new Stage V model JCB 3CX.

In Celebration of the JCB 3CX

It was great to be back out attending a live product event once more after over 12 months of having to attend online virtual events, which, while getting the message across about the new products, are simply no match for actually getting “hands-on” with the new machines in the metal.

Having attended a small gathering with the team at Mecalac some weeks previous, it was a really promising sign to get the invite up to JCB, for a similar Covid-safe event with restricted numbers. Let’s face it, nobody does product launch events like JCB, and yet again, they didn’t disappoint!

The undisputed star of the show was the iconic JCB 3CX and I was delighted to get some time in the seat of the all-new top of the range Site Master Pro which is powered by JCB’s Eco Max 4.8L 81kw diesel engine.

I was impressed with the smoothness of the backhoe and ease of operation, and the new seat arrangement on the servo lever model was a dream to use. Just a pull on the red isolation lever, and the servos drop down to enable a smooth and effortless spin around to the rear position, lowering the lever returns the servos to the operating position, while a quick press with the index finger on the button on the right-hand joystick, enables the hydraulics to become live, literally just a matter of seconds.

Other standard features include: End Boom Damping, high flow load auxillary, clam ram and rear light guards, front bumper protection, Bluetooth radio and integrated LED roof beacons.

I also took up the opportunity to take this machine for a spin on the test track and I can confirm, its very nimble on its feet! The 3CX PRO features ECOROAD, JCB’s new 6-speed Autoshift transmission which the manufacturer says will reduce travel times between sites by up to 25%.

Anyway, checkout this brilliant video put together by the genius that is Freddie (Spielberg) Anthony, and introduced by his dad, Mark Anthony which also delves into the history of this legendary backhoe loader.






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