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by Nick Drew  |  Thu 10 Jun 2021

MJL add Komatsu Dozer to the Fleet

Helston and Exeter based MJL Group Ltd have added their first ever dozer to its ever-increasing fleet of heavy plant & machinery with the addition of a Komatsu D61PX-24.

MJL add Komatsu Dozer to the Fleet

Since forming MJL Contractors Ltd in 2001, Managing Director Matt Lugg has consistently strived to maintain a modern fleet operating a regular renewal programme to ensure that the business always has the best plant and machinery available at all times.As part of the companies continued expansion they have recently added the new dozer.

Talking about the decision to invest in the dozer MJL Site Manager Glynn Mitchell said, “For some considerable time now, we have been hiring in a dozer as and when required and with an ever-increasing workload I think Matt took the decision to buy our own dozer”.

Expanding further Marubeni-Komatsu Sales Manager Mike Darch said, "The dozer came about after some conversations at the end of last year about existing stock dozers and testing the water with some budget prices and specs.

Matt has been cross hiring D61 size dozers for some time off the likes of Coles Plant and others for site strips and general landscaping and earthmoving jobs. Matt could see the benefit and use of running his own unit for the numerous jobs and the versatility a dozer brings into the fleet. After the busy times of the first half of the year its proven very beneficial with multiple sites lined up for work.

Marubeni-Komatsu were able to provide great availability on D61 dozers, all with folding blades, which are proving a popular spec at the moment and was something Matt wanted spec wise to bring under the 3m for moving across various sites frequently. So Matt took the opportunity to strike a deal with us, something very beneficial looking back now".

Mike continued, "Matt visited the dozer at Redditch and was pleased to see the dozer early on when the Leica MC1 system was just installed. This is something Matt is very pro-active on and already seeing the benefit of GPS work on some initial excavators, which was added to the deal to expand the working range the dozer could offer.

The D61 size dozer is the market leader and ticks the boxes of both bulk shifting and the versatility of a PAT blade for more bespoke finishing jobs offering a huge range of applications. Coupled with Leica’s 3D MC1 system which boosts productivity and accuracy required by todays site especially in final trimming stages, when the Auto function is enabled 15-20mm tolerance can be achieved

Therefore, either pushing out 30t ADT loads to trimming stone or cutting roads and profiles it offered a versatile range of applications with incredible accuracy. Due to the folding blade the MDiG team were faced with a custom set up requirement, The masts and receivers were mounted more central  on the blade to the normal position on the outside A very tidy weld by Cannock welders and confirmation with Leica of the reposition was also done to make sure calibration would work successfully".

"This was supplied by Marubeni’s new technology platform MDiG offering a one stop shop of technology products to new and existing customers in the open market available to all OEM branded machines. This includes a sales and rental division of Leica & Topcon products headed up by Ash Mills, who set up and commissioned the unit alongside Cornish engineers & surveyors Kemp. In Addition, MDiG offers terrain mapping, 3D data and surveying services jobsite setup and installation, MDiG training and remote and aftersales via MDiG Assist.

Matt took delivery of the system with the addition of Smartnet/VRS, using mobile phone type data and SIM card to localise with out the use of a base station, something the rest of the fleet also uses. Also included was CONX, Leica’s remote access tool with MDiG being able to assist in any issues that occur for the operators & site alike", concluded Mike.

The D61PX-24 which tips the scales at around 19.46 tonnes, is powered by Komatsu’s SAA6D107E-3 Tier 4 Final emissions compliant, 6.8 litre 6-cylinder diesel engine which offers a power output rating of 168hp (125kw) @2200rpm.

The machine features impressive forward visibility thanks to the low-profile front end and features the well proven parallel link undercarriage system for long undercarriage life.

Three power modes are provided for the operator to select from, P (Power mode) offers maximum power for heavy duty dozing work.

E (Economy mode) offers enough power for general work but without delivering power that isn’t needed, so an effective mode for fuel and energy savings, this mode is also excellent for final trimming operations and general levelling work.

H (High engine idle speed mode)
This setting allows subtle changes in load to be detected, which is tailor-made for power-intensive work. So effectively an automatic power on demand setting in layman’s terms.

Experienced operator Ben Williams took the machine in, with a good wealth of experience in muck shifting and history on dozers something also more frequently hard to come by. Ben had always said Komatsu’s pushed well and after a few days Ben was very happy with its performance. Comfort, noise levels and visibility through Komatsu’s short nose design were all highly regarded. Ben also embraced the use of GPS and Leica and is looking forward to getting stuck in with as many jobs as possible on site.

Talking about his new mount on the day of our visit Ben said, “She’s a good machine, and certainly has some grunt behind her, it’s a pleasure to drive too”.  




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