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by Nick Drew  |  Fri 24 May 2024

Old SIMIT Rusting in Peace

We return to Finland again this week for a look at another abandoned and historical piece of equipment courtesy of Mikko Suutela.

Old SIMIT Rusting in Peace

This old Italian built SIMIT excavator is resting somewhere in Western Finland, it’s a hard one to identify, but its possibly an S.60 or S.70 model.

SIMIT, or to give it its full title Societa Italiana Macchine Industrali Torino Spa, was a manufacturer established by Mario Bruneri, who along with his brother Carlo, were famous names in hydraulic excavator manufacturing in Italy.

Mario formed this business with his sons-in-law after Carlo had decided to dissolve the Officine Bruneri business, essentially a family fallout prompted Mario’s decision. The business ran from 1965 to around 1972 with machines being manufactured in Turin, a famous location for hydraulic excavator manufacturing.

Eventually SIMIT was to become a division of Fiat-Allis and these machines became the base platform for the Fiat-Allis excavators that were to follow in 1974.

Not much information is available on this old machine in Finland, except that it is still sporting the name of a Finnish contractor called Norrti

We thank Mikko for sharing these images. Below I have found a video on You Tube of an S.70 model with a mono boom arrangement being used somewhere in Italy in 2018.






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