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by Nick Drew  |  Mon 15 Feb 2021

Truckerbabe set to become Diggerbabe

One of the latest up and coming sensations on Instagram is Truckerbabe aka Christina Demetriou who hails from Islington in North London.

Truckerbabe set to become Diggerbabe

I chatted to Christina some weeks ago now about doing a blog post on her latest adventures, but things have been rather manic here at Diggers Digs, and I had just not got around to it, so I was keen to redress that this week here on the Digger Man Blog.

She is a powerful woman and a really interesting character who doesn't take any crap or suffer fools lightly, so I feel she is ideally prepared for a succesful career in the construction plant sector, and that's why I was keen to get a post on featuring her journey so far! 

Christina’s @_truckerbabe_ account came about as a way of showcasing her daily life as a female truck driver, with a clear message of empowering women to break the stereotypical mould and get out there and tackle jobs that are wrongly regarded as male only occupations.

A self-confessed “petrol head” former bus driver Christina, was out delivering building products with her Hiab equipped lorry, when she randomly took a photo of a Komatsu excavator. A while later she posted the photo on her LinkedIn account with the title “I want to drive a digger” and it wasn’t long before someone responded to her shoutout and was offering her a training opportunity!

The team at Derbyshire based Doctore On Track Training Services Ltd jumped in to offer Christina a training package to achieve her 360-degree excavator ticket, which saw her head off for a week of intensive “hands on” training in the seat, which saw her excavating trenches, manholes, backfilling and loading dumpers, all the regular stuff that operators are expected to be able to carry out on a daily basis on site.

Christina certainly faced a baptism of fire in the early days of the course, but quickly gained confidence on the machines at the training facility, she is now working towards completing her test and gaining her ticket and qualifications.

You will be able to find out more about Christina’s journey as she chats to my good friend and colleague Peter Haddock on his Content with Media podcast interview with her later this week, so that’s one not to be missed.

We of course wish her all the best with the rest of the course and I look forward to meeting up with Christina in the future.

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