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Hitachi adopts new CESAR ECV initiative

by Kyle Molyneux  |  Sun 12 Jan 2020

Hitachi adopts new CESAR ECV initiative

Hitachi Construction Machinery (UK) have confirmed that from January 2020, every mini, medium and large excavator, wheeled loader and wheeled excavator will be fitted with the CESAR Security System powered by Datatag technologies as standard.

The Construction Equipment Association (CEA) officially launched the new CESAR Emissions Compliance Verification (ECV) at Plantworx in June 2019. CESAR ECV is an invaluable 'bolt-on' product which compliments the existing CESAR Security System and allows quick and easy verification of a machines emissions category. The initiative developed in response to the demand for an easy and reliable way to confirm the emissions category of construction equipment has been well received by the industry, including Hitachi who will adopt CESAR ECV as well as the standard CESAR Security System. This feature, using evident colour coded labels with a unique alpha/numeric code is linked securely to a machine's unique CESAR identity and ensures complete integrity of the system.

The construction industry is looking increasingly on its' environmental impacts and as such CESAR ECV will be invaluable to companies required to manage large scale projects and multiple contractors ensuring plant on site is as environmentally efficient as possible.

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