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Hymac the definitive history is put down in print

Tue 01 Oct 2013

Hymac the definitive history is put down in print

This new 160 page book entitled, The Illustrated History of Hymac, has been written by one of the leading historians on the company and a keen enthusiast on the famous product, Mr Jeremy Rowland. The book is a pretty comprehensive look at Hymac and covers the company history right up to today; the book was produced with the help of many people but in close connection with Richard Gould, of Hymac Parts & Service Ltd, who now owns what is left of the original company. The book has a production list of the many machines manufactured by Hymac and gives details of the production dates and quantity made. Many of the 240 photographs included in the book, originate from the company archives and have not been published before. As a taster of what you can expect in the book, check out this old school shot of a Hymac 580 equipped with a face shovel, at work in some English China Clay pits in the West Country. And did you know that during the Brown Group era, Hymac actually marketed some badged mini excavators? I highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in Hymac or plant and machinery in general. I will definitely be ordering a copy myself. You can find out how to order you piece of Hymac history by clicking here. All photos courtesy of Jeremy Rowland.      

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