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by Nick Drew  |  Thu 27 Jun 2013

Aveling Barford takes a mud bath!

In the early Contract Journal days of the Digger Blog, I was sent some great photos by former H. Leverton demonstrator, Tom Aspin, who has followed and supported my blog from day one. I feel now is a good time to look back at some of his material, since the old CJ site is no longer online.

Aveling Barford takes a mud bath!
Tom took these photos during a spell in West Africa, teaching the local’s to operate the supplied Caterpillar equipment that was working at the Burkino Fasso, site which was part of the De Beers Diamond Mine. Tom was employed by H. Leverton, the now defunct Cat dealership, which was part of the Unilever group, to carry out demonstrations and operator instruction on the supplied Caterpillar equipment, which included two 966F loading shovels and various excavators and dozers. During his time abroad, Tom witnessed a number of accidents, including this dumptruck incident! These photos show an old Aveling Barford RD135 dumptruck that has gone out of control, crashed into a swamp and overturned! The recovery involved a Caterpillar 235 excavator and a Cat D7, that were both required to upright the dumptruck, and extract it from the muddy mire. Tom recalls many accidents happening with these old dumptrucks during his time in West Africa, more than likely caused by dodgy braking systems and of course operator error! There were other photos showing the extraction process, which Tom has promised to forward, but sadly he is unwell at the moment. When they arrive I will insert them in the post.  

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