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by Nick Drew  |  Tue 17 Nov 2020

JCB launch JCB Explore website

Famous British construction equipment manufacturer JCB has launched an all new website specifically aimed at the younger generation and their families.

JCB launch JCB Explore website

With the ongoing lockdown situation and with the Christmas festivities looming on the horizon in whatever shape that will take this year, it’s a case of great timing for the launch of the all new JCB Explore website.

Let’s face it, all kids love a JCB, I’m sure many of us have been on site working during the daily walk to school period, and the kids would stop and watch the diggers in action, almost mesmerised by them, until mum has to intervene and drag them away and onto school.

Well now those kids with a real passion for JCB will be able to find plenty to do and watch on this new online platform, and in the long term it might just inspire some of these youngsters to choose a career as a plant operator in the future. One kid who is going to love this website is our young mate Charlie Parkes, who is already a big JCB fan! 

There is plenty to see and do on this website, including activities, videos, experiences and an about JCB section too, in addition there is the online shop stocking a whole host of JCB branded items.

So if you are looking for something to keep the kids occupied during these uncertain times, direct them to www.jcbexplore.com  


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