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by Nick Drew  |  Fri 20 May 2022

JCB Rolls out more Classic Films

Hot on the heels of the old classic JCB 3 movie, the team at the famous Staffordshire based manufacturer have delved into the archives once more and come up with a real gem, this time featuring the 806B hydraulic excavator with full river maintenance rig.

JCB Rolls out more Classic Films

We know all too well on the Digger Man Blog, that topics on the old kit of yesteryear are often more popular than the new kit in terms of views and statistics, and it appears that JCB are also aware of the interest and passion for the old machines.

Many of us I’m sure, look back at those days through rose tinted glasses, but without a doubt, the old kit did have a certain fascination and originality about them, that we don’t see these days, with most machines looking very similar, and in many instances, using the same components under the skin!

In the 1978 JCB promotional film, “The River Runs Free” the focus is on the 806B with extra-long reach river maintenance boom and dipper combination. This is classic British style information footage from that bygone era, which I enjoyed watching immensely, and I’m sure you will too.



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