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by Nick Drew  |  Wed 27 Mar 2024

JCBs New 370X Makes a BIG Impression

Just in case you were living under a rock somewhere and missed it, last week saw the launch event for JCBs largest X-Series excavator to date, the 370X which will compete in the 35-40 tonne market.

JCBs New 370X Makes a BIG Impression

Since its launch in 2018 the JCB X-Series range has expanded to include the 131X, 140X, 150X, 210X, 220X and 245XR models. These machines have now been joined by the hugely anticipated 370X which has been designed from the ground up to target the rugged earthmoving, quarrying and demolition sectors.

The X-Series machines have been well received since their introduction, and the 370X looks set to continue the trend, and take it to a new level with the latest in cab improvements, including the new JCB UX operating system and 10” interactive monitor.

I spent time on the new machine after the masses of the European press had left the quarry, and I must say, it got a big thumbs up from me, and I was super impressed with the 370X, but I am saving my thoughts on that for my article in a future edition of Earthmovers Magazine.

In the meantime, checkout this promotional video on the 370X from the manufacturer, nobody does this stuff quite like JCB, enjoy!

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