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by Nick Drew  |  Wed 20 Oct 2021

Life Behind the Levers

The rise of the internet celebrity operator continues unabated, and its great to see more and more of them producing content for the various channels, one of them is James Herring whose You Tube channel is called Life Behind the Levers.

Life Behind the Levers

I first spotted James, who hails from the North East of England, on his Life Behind the Levers Instagram account, where he documents his day-to-day life on site with Rainton Construction Ltd, where he is the regular operator of a JCB Hydradig 110W.

James is clearly a fan of the versatile Hydradig and most recently on his You Tube channel has posted some videos of the machine working inside the steel structure of a new hotel project, where its compact dimensions, four-wheel-steer functionality, and TAB boom, have proven to be invaluable.

There is clearly a big appetite for plant operator point-of-view content on the internet, and opportunities to get involved are increasing every day.


Both manufacturers and dealers are embracing these high-profile internet operators, with influencer led events becoming ever more popular, I’m certainly seeing more of them at events I attend that’s for sure, which can only be a good thing.

Checkout this video from James which features him placing concrete inside the building with the Hydradig, and while you are at it, subscribe to his channel for up to date content.

The Digger Man Blog thanks James for the photos featured in this post.


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