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by Nick Drew  |  Thu 11 Jul 2024

Mecalac Turns on the Style, on Track (Digger Man Blog on Holiday, Post Re-Visits)

Nick's on holiday, so we are looking back at some favourite blog posts from the archives over the coming days.

Built in Annecy in France, Mecalac machines have always been popular with railway contractors for specialist on-track work, now building on the strength of its 8MCR RR model the manufacturer has partnered with on track machinery rail specialists to build a new range of rail machine's capable of meeting the current and future European standard EN15476.

Mecalac Turns on the Style, on Track (Digger Man Blog on Holiday, Post Re-Visits)

The first model revealed is the 216M Rail, which is the result of intensive research and development work, to produce a 20-tonne machine which is built for and dedicated to the railway sector. This model will be joined by 3 additional sizes, namely the 106M Rail, 136M Rail, and the 156M Rail.

Many railway machines that we see and which I have personally operated in the past are just heavily modified standard models, but these offerings from Mecalac have been designed from the ground up solely for railway work.

Benefitting from Mecalac’s unique boom kinematic design, low profile, low centre of gravity and stylish compact looks, the M Rail range offers superb all-around visibility and excellent lifting capacity.

Powered by an EU Stage V 100kw Deutz diesel engine, the 216M Rail has a top speed of 30km.h on both road and rail, with hydrostatic transmission and variable displacement motors for the rail. Standard track width is 1435mm.

A spacious double cabin is fitted which complies with rail regulations, among the other features are, RCI load control systems, rotation and a height programmable function with the touch of a single button and finally equipped to tow a pneumatically braked rail trailer. 

As you would expect, other regional rail-specific features are available as standard or as an option.

Checkout the promotional video from Mecalac below.

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