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by Nick Drew  |  Fri 07 Jan 2022

New JCB Investment for Metronix

It was definitely a case of Christmas came early for our Romanian friends, husband and wife team Lulian & Diana of Metronix as they took delivery of a very special new backhoe loader.

New JCB Investment for Metronix

As featured on this blog on numerous occasions before, the likeable husband and wife duo at Metronix are clearly big fans of the JCB product, and they like to document this passion for the British built machines on their Metronix JCB You Tube Channel, which has now amassed a large following of 32.1k subscribers.

Following a successful trial period of the latest JCB 3CX from their local dealer TERRA JCB, in the early part of December, they received their brand new 3CX Sitemaster PRO, the first of its kind to be delivered in Romania, and at the time one of the first across Europe.

In the first video below, we see and live the experience of delivery day, as TERRA really put on a top class install day, with some top representatives from the dealers in attendance. I especially like the magical moments the proud couple spend together with the kids, which is really quite emotional.

In the second video we see Lulian putting his new machine to work. I think its fair to say that he is very impressed with the machine, noting that it has impressive power thanks to its 110hp engine and new gear box set up.

We wish them all the very best with the 3CX PRO and we look forward to seeing how this machine goes for the Metronix team, I am sure there will be many more videos to come this year!


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